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Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Apart from specialized training in different subjects offered by the various Honours courses, the importance of developing skills necessary for building a successful career cannot be stressed enough for the empowerment of the Indian youth in today’s time. With this particular objective in mind, Mathabhanga college stared skill development course by the help of the Institute of Computer Accountants (ICA). Institute of Computer Accountants (ICA) organized a skill oriented career counselling programme under the guidance of IQAC, Mathabhanga College. The following personnel were present at the seminar:

Mr. Subhrata Ghosh (Centre Director)
Rajib Day (Sr.Lab Faculty)
Suman Das (Sales Manager)
Nabanita Raha (Counsellor)
Rahul Dev Paul (Market Executive)

The seminar commenced with the introductory address by Dr. Shyam Kr. Jha, Teacher-in-charge, Mathabhanga College. He mentioned the importanceof skill oriented learning. From his words we come to know that “As UGC tries to boost a system through which outgoing students could be wrapped up. Our college initiated a computer skill oriented programme by the help of ICA under the supervision of IQAC”. He also said students should be well aware about their future meterialistically. He urged the participants to absorb the lessons and advices that were to emerge during the caurse of the seminar. He noted that the proceedings should inspire our students to become more rounded and competent individuals who could countribute to building a better India. The speakers from the ICA Addressed the students on various issues pertaining to building a skill-set that would make them readily employable once they graduate. The speakers highlighted the benefits of enrolling at the ICA whick would prepare the students for the job-market by conducting mock-interviews as a preparatory drill, as well as offeriing them practical problems similar to the projects one has to later undertake as employees.
More than 300 hundred students took benefit from that programme.

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