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The Department of Education being associated with a teach fundamentally intrigue in nature caters to the shifted domains of student’s development. The staff individuals of the department take focused measures to cater to both the academic needs and desires of the students as well as their emotional well-being. Personal care is given to the students by way of mentoring and therapeutic teaching. The Department concedes in an unexpected way abled students and makes essential arrangements to cater to their individualized educational needs.

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Seminars & Workshops

1. Matribhasa Charcha : Sahitya, Sanskriti, Manane o Chintane, An International Seminar held on 28th February 2019, Organized by Department of Bengali, Sitalkuchi College.
2. Bharatiya sahitya ebong Nimnabargiya Chetana , A National Seminer, held on 28th January 2023, Organized by Departmentof Sanskrit in Colabaretion With Department of Bengali, Sitalkuchi College.

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