Mathabhanga College

Dr. Sanjit Kumar Shil Sharma

Name : Dr. Sanjit Kumar Shil Sharma
Department of Geography
Designation: Assistant Professor
Mobile No: 9434482781

Educational Qualifications

Ph.D.Ph.D.2012University of North Bengal
M.A./M.ScM.A(Geography).1997University of North Bengal
B.A./B.ScB.A(Hons. In Geography)1995University of North Bengal
B.EdB.Ed2000University of North Bengal
NETNETDecember 2009U.G.C
M.A.M.A(Education)2013Rabindra Bharati University
  • Total Teaching Experience: 21 years 06 Months
  • Teaching Experience in College: 7 years 01 Months
  • Teaching Experience in Schools: 14 Years 05 Months
  • Area of Research: Hydrology, Disaster management
  • Special Paper: Cartography, Urban Geography
  • Title of the Thesis: “Causes and Effects of Flood in Koch Bihar District, West Bengal
  • Journal Papers: 12
  • Books Papers: 18
  • Book: 01
  • Membership of Learned Societies: Life Member of Bangiyo Bhugol Mamcha, W.B. &GSNB
  • Seminar/Conference: International Level -7

National Level-24 & State Level

List of Publications

Sl.Name of the Journal/BookTitleISSN/ISBN NoSingle/ Co- authorVol. No.YearPage No.
1Indian Journal of Landscape systems and ecological studiesFluvial characteristic of the river of the Koch Bihar District, W.BISSN 0971- 4170SingleVol. 34 No.1June, 2011483-492
2Indian Journal of Landscape systems and ecological studiesFlood, A natural disaster for Koch Bihar District and it’s mitigation.ISSN 0971- 4170SingleVol. 34 No.1Decemb er,2011519-524
3Geographical ThoughtsA study on flood scenario of Koch Bihar District based on sample survey.ISSN 2229- 466xCo- author9201199-109
4Geo-AnalystCauses and effects of flood in Koch Bihar District,WB.ISSN 2249-2909Single12011129-132
5Uttar Banglar Jiban O SamskritiUttar Banger Bhougolik Paribesh O JanajatiISBN: 978-81- 89827-72-4Single 201137-44
6Changing Society, Culture and Its Impacts on PeoplePoverty and Unemployment in Koch Bihar District, West Bengal.ISBN: 978-81- 909878-9-9Single May, 2012262-269
7Journal of Geo- Environment Observer.Impact of Embankments in the Flood, A Case Study of Koch Bihar District, West Bengal, IndiaISSN 2277- 6141SingleVol. 1 No.2October, 201267-71
8Foundation of social science researcherEffects of Flood in economy – a case study of Deocharai village in Koch Bihar District, West Bengal, IndiaISSN 2319-619XSingleVol. IIJan.72 – 79
9East Indian Journal of Social ScienceHistory of disaster in Koch Bihar DistrictISSN 2277-4483SingleVol- I No. IIJan. 201349 – 55
10Rural Development: Challenges and OpportunitiesSchemes and programmes for rural development and their impact in Koch Bihar
District, West Bengal
ISBN: 978-
SingleVol. -IIMarch 2013173 – 177
11BhugolikaFlood and Bank Failure in Koch Bihar District,
West Bengal
ISSN 2319-6122SingleVol. 20 No.1July, 201366-70
12Rural out- migration in India: problems and prospectsRural out- migration in India: problems and prospectsISBN:978- 81-926968-
Single2013216 – 223
13Manane Dooars, a Bengali Collection of essays.Paschimbanger Tarai O Dooarser Bhougolik Paribesh O
ISBN:978- 81-927059-
14Changing Society of Twentieth Century BengalImmigration and its impact on Environment – A Case Study of
Koch Bihar District, W.B.
ISBN:978- 81-8064-
Single2014164 – 171
15Kamrup Theke KochbeharKoch Bihar Jeelar Banyar ItihasISBN:978- 93-84099-
Single2014112 – 117
16Life and Living Through Newer Spectrum of GeographyMid Day Meal: A Historic Step for Elementary Education in IndiaISBN:978- 81-7445-
Single2015269 – 279
17Bangla O Bangali 2025eKoch Bihar Jeelar Banya O BhabishyatISBN:978- 81-921012-
Single201544 – 49
18Theory and Practice of Human Rights the Indian ContextDomestic Female Workers and Human Rights: A Case Study of Mathabhanga
ISBN: 978-
Single2015249 – 253
19Women Empowerment in India Opportunities and ChallengesWomen Education & Employment opportunity and Women EmpowermentISBN: 978-
20Applications of Geospatial Technology for Sustainable DevelopmentFlood Management with the help of RS & GIS in IndiaISBN: 978-
Single201549 – 53
21Coochbiharer Loksanskriti: Bahumatra BahuswarCoochbiharer Nadinala O JalsechISBN: 978-
22BhugolikaKoch Bihar Jeelar Banya O Prakitik ParibeshISSN:2319
– 6122
SingleVol 23
No. 2
Decemb er
63 – 65
23Remote Sensing and GIS in Environmental ManagementFlood Management and Mitigation in Koch Bihar District, West BengalISBN: 978-
First Author201720 – 27
24Regional Dimensions of Social Development in India: Policy PerspectiveThe Threat of Arsenic Pollution in West Bengal(India) and its Impact on Human HealthISBN: 978 93-86675-
Co-author2017176 – 183
25ApprehensionDemographic Changes and Environment-A Case Study of Koch Bihar District, West
Bengal, India
ISBN: 978-
SingleMay 201727 – 35
26ApprehensionGlobal Warming: A Burning Problem of EarthISBN: 978-
3rd AuthorMay 20177 – 26
27Uttar PrasangaNadi Kathay DharalaISSN: 2348-2036SingleVol. 2Jan. 2019150-154
28Scientific VistasBenefits of Flood – A Case Study of Koch Bihar District, West
SingleVol. 2
No. 1
April 201929 -54
29Sustainable Urbanisation in East IndiaFlood and Mathabhanga TownISBN:978- 93-88069-
SingleJan. 2020238-245
30Scientific VistasGully Erosion of Koch Bihar District, West BengalISSN:2528
SingleVol. 3
No. 1
July 202081 – 88
31Handbook of Ecological
ISBN: 978-
2nd AuthorBook2020
32Application of Geospatial Technology in Geomorphology and EnvironmentFlood Hazards and Management: A Case Study Of Deocharai Gram Panchayet, Tufanganj, Koch Bihar DistrictISBN: 978-
Single2020240 -246
33Smart Tourism and Travel TradeTourism – An Emerging Strength for Future Economy and Employment in Cooch Behar District, West BengalISBN: 978-
SingleSept. 2021246-255
34BhugolikaBanya O Tar SufalISSN:2319
– 6122
SingleVol. 28
No. 2
Dec. 202121-25

Seminars and Conferences Attended

International Level Seminar & Conference
Sl.Name of ConferenceConference/ Seminar PaperPlace of ConferencePlace of Conference
1UGC Sponsored International SeminarHistory of Disaster in Koch Bihar
A.B.N.Seal College,
Cooch Behar
235th Indian Geographers’ Meet & International
Importance of Three Wheeler in Rural Transport Communication and
Economic Development – A case Study
of Mathabhanga Subdivision of Koch
Bihar District, W.B.
University of Burdwan,
11.11.2013 –
3International Seminar on
Environment, Mass
movement, and our
literature : Multi
Dimensional outlook
Environment is in critical situation due to human activities and threat for human civilization.Krishnagar Women’s
College, Krishnagar,
Nadia, West Bengal
18.01.2014 –
4International Seminar on Environmental Pollution and Impact on Public HealthWater Pollution And Impact on Environment.Dept.of Physiology & Zoology, S.B.S.S. Mahavidyalaya, Goaltore, Paschim
5International Seminar on
Exploring South Asia:
State, Religion and
Impact of Population Growth in
Environmental Change – A case Study
of Koch Bihar District, West Bengal
Dept. of History,
University of Gour
Banga, Malda
08.03.2017 –
6International Conference
on Environmentalism,
Globalism and Mortality
Global Warming is the threat for
Ecosystem and Human Civilization
Alipurduar College,
10.01.2018 –
7International Seminar on Natural Disaster and its ManagementEarthquake Hazards and its Management – A Case Study of Koch Behar DistrictDet. of Physics & Dept of Geography Sabang Sajanikanta
8Two Day International
ParticipatedDep. of Geography,
Seva Bharati Mahavidyalaya,
27.09.2019 –
93 Days International
Webinar on In Search of Roots: Folklore, Theory
and Applications
Cooch Behar jelar sthan namer
shikarer sandhane
Indas Mahavidyalaya,

National Level Seminar

Sl.Name of ConferenceSeminar PaperPlace of SeminarDate of Seminar
1UGC Sponsored National Seminar     on Application on Remote Sensing& GIS in Resource ManagementCauses and Effects of Flood in Koch Bihar District, West Bengal by using Remote Sensing.Dept. of Geo. & Applied Geography, NBU, Darjeeling28.01.2008- 30.01.2008
2National Seminar on Save the Ganga.Ganga Action Plan.Raja Bazar Science College, Kolkata12.02.2011- 13.02.2011
3National Seminar on Biodiversity.Koch Bihar Jeelar Jib Baichitra Ebong Er Upar Manusher Karmakander Prabhab.Raja Bazar Science College, Kolkata11.02.2012- 12.02.2012
4UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Changing Society, Culture &its Impacts on people.Poverty & Unemployment in Koch Bihar District, W.BLabpur College , Birbhum14.02.2012- 15.02.2012
5UGC-SAPDRS-I Seminar on Mapping Hazards & Disasters.Participated.Dept..of Geography .& Applied Geography, NBU, Darjeeling03.03.2012- 04.03.2012
6UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Issues on Rural Livelihood in India.Impact of Flood in Rural Development: A Case Study of Koch Bihar District.Gour Mahaviyalaya08.09.2012- 09.09.2012
7UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Human Dimensions of Environmental ChangeDemographic Change and Environment – A Case Study of Koch Bihar District, W.B.K.N.College, Birbhum08.02.2013- 09.02.2013
8National Seminar on Natural Resource Management for Sustainable DevelopmentFlood and Bank Failure in Koch Bihar, District, West BengalJalpaiguri A.C. Training College, Jalpaiguri09.02.2013-
9National Seminar on Rural Development: Challenges & OpportunitiesDifferent Schemes and Programmes for Rural Well – Being and Development in Koch Bihar District, W.BAlipurduar Mucipality Hall, Alipurduar23.03.2013 –
10UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Changing Society of Twentieth Century Bengal With Special Reference to N.B.Immigration and Its Impact on EnvironmentP. D. Women’s College, Jalpaiguri26.09.2013 –
11National Level Seminar on Folklore and Folkloristics: Investigation and InteractionKoch Bihar Jeelar LokejalpujaMuktachinta Sahitya Anushilan Kendra, Changrabandha, Cooch Behar24.10.2013 –
12UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Rural Out Migration in India : Problems & ProspectsRural Out Migration : A Case Study of Tufanganj Subdivision, Koch Bihar
Sitalkuchi College, Cooch Behar22.11.2013 –
13National Seminar on Global Climate Change and its impact on Indian SubcontinentClimate Change and its Impact on Socio – Economic EnvironmentRaja Bazar Science College, Kolkata11.01.2014 –
14UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Application of Geospatial Technology for Sustainable DevelopmentFlood Management With the help of
R.S. and India
Dept. of Geo. & Applied Geography, NBU, Darjeeling13.02.2015 –
15UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Socio-politico-economic thoughts of Thakur Panchanan Barma –its relevance in present contextPanchanan Barma O Samaj SanskarDinhata College, Cooch Behar26.09.2015-
16UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Women Empowerment in India Opportunities and ChallengesWomen Education & Employment Opportunity and Women EmpowermentSitalkuchi College, Cooch Behar27.11.2015-
17National Seminar on Role of Values and Indigenous Tradition to Sustain Life on EarthKoch Bihar Zillar Banya O ParibeshSadar Govt High School Auditorium, Cooch Behar30.01.2016 –
18UGC Sponsored National Seminar  on Remote Sensing& GIS in Environment ManagementFlood Management and Mitigation in Koch Bihar District, West BengalDept. of Geo. & Applied Geography, NBU, Darjeeling02.02.2016 –
19National Seminar on Environment Degradation and Disasters – A Vision Plan for Sustainable DevelopmentFlood Hazards and Flood ManagementDept of Geography, Cooch Behar College, Cooch Behar25.08.2016 –
20UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Regional Dimension of Social Development in India: Policy PerspectivesArsenic Pollution in West Bengal and its Effects on HealthDept of Geography, Saheed Kshudiram College, Alipurduar17.02.2017 –
21National Seminar on Changing Environment, Natural Disaster in North Bengal – North East India & the Role of N.S.SMigration & Environment – A Case Study of Koch Bihar DistrictBakshirhat Mahavidyalaya, Tufanganj, Cooch Behar30.03.2017 –
22Impact of Climate Change on Human CivilizationClimate Change and Biodiversity ManagementDept. of Zoology & Dept. of Physics, Sabanj Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya09.03.2018
23Sustainable Urbanization in East India: Present Trends and Future ConcernsFlood and Mathabhanga TownDept of Geography Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya09.03.2019-10.03.2019
2431st Annual Conference of IGI & National Seminar on Application of Geospatial Technology in Geomorphology and EnvironmentFlood Hazards and Management: A Case Study of Deocharai Gram Panchayet, Tufanganj, Koch Bihar DistrictDept. of Geo. & Applied Geography’ NBU12 .11.2019–
25ICSSR-ERC Sponsored Two Day National SeminarSelf reliance(Atmanirbhar), Sustainable Development and EnvironmentDept. of Geography, Serampore Girls’ College, Hooghly25.03.2022-

State Level Seminar

S.L.Name of ConferenceConference PaperPlace of ConferenceDate of Conference
1State level seminar on Life & Culture of North BengalUttar Banger Bhougolik Paribesh O JanajatiMuktachinta Sahitya Anushilan Kendra, Changrabandha12.10.2009
2Seminar on Earthquake : Do’s and Don’tsUttarbanger Bhumikampa O KaraniyoAlipurduar Mucipality Hall, Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri13.11.2011
3Seminar on Folklore of North BengalKoch Bihar Jeelar Nadinala O Lokejalsech.Muktachinta Sahitya Anushilan Kendra, Changrabandha29.12.2012
4Seminar on Folklore of West BengalDharala NadiMuktachinta Sahitya Anushilan Kendra, Changrabandha28.12.2015 – 29.12.2015

Workshop/Training/ Programme/Course Participated

Sl.Name of Workshop/Training/ Programme/CourseOrganised/Sponsored byPlace of Workshop/Training/ Programme/CourseDate of Conference
1Data Dissemination WorkshopDirectorate of Census operations, West Bengal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India in Zollaboration with Dept of Geo.& Applied Geo. And Dept. Of
Economics, NBU
Dept. Geo.& Applied Geography, NBU28.11.2007
 2Programme for the Quality Development of Education – RS & GIS Bangiyo Bhugol Mancha Vivekananda Vidyapith, , New Town, Koch Bihar 15.08.2008 –
3National Level Workshop on Rocks and Mineral Identification, Geological Map Interpretation and Soil Testing and MappingDepartment of Geography, Shitalkuchi College in collaboration with Geological Survey of India, KolkataDepartment of Geography, Shitalkuchi College, Coochbehar15.12.2014 – 21.12.2014
4Short term course on Combining Hydrology and Hydrological: Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of River SystemAICTE-QIPDept. of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, Kharagpur23.10.2017 – 29.10.2017
5Course on Water Budgeting and Management at Local LevelGovt. of India, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation; Central Ground Water Board, En. Region, Kolkata; Under the aegis of National Ground Water Training & Research Institute, RaipurNBU, Darjeeling29.12.2017
6Course on Advances in GISGovt. of India, Dept. of Space, ISRONRSC, Hyderabad20.06.2016 – 01.07.2016
7Orientation ProgrammeUGC-HRDCUGC-HRDC-NBU, Darjeeling02.08.2017 – 29.08.2017
8Inter – disciplinary Refresher Course on Modern Methods in Earth System ScienceUGC-HRDCUGC-HRDC- Jadavpur University, Kolkata18.09.2018- 11.10.2018
97 Days NSS Training ProgrammeRamkrishna Mission Ashram, , Narendrapur, KolkataVidyasagar University, Midnapore19.05.2019- 25.05.2019
10Faculty Development Programme( Online) Empowerment in online Teaching, Learning and Evaluation for Combating Covid-19 Pandemic SituationCooch Behar College approved Cooch Behar PBUCooch Behar College02.06.2020 – 08.-6.2020
11National Level Faculty Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence Application Through Machine LearningBalaji Institute of Technology, WarangalBalaji Institute of Technology, Warangal14.07,2020 – 18.07.2020
12One week Faculty Development Programme on Transformation in Indian Education through New Education Policy- Challenges and OpportunitiesUGC Sponsored( Under Paramarsh Scheme)Govt. First College for Women and St Aloysious College( Autonomous), Government of Karnataka, Department of Collegiate Education05.07.2021 – 11.07.2021
132 – Week Faculty Development ProgrammeWebcon Consulting (India) Limited, TamlukS.B.S.S.Mahavidyalaya, Goaltore, Paschim Medinipur13.11.2019- 26.11.2019
14Refresher Course in Sustainability of Earth: Challenges and
Mitigation Strategies
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