Mathabhanga College



The College Has The Excellent Academic Infrastructure And Has A Well Designed Academic Block And Various Other Rooms And Facilities For The Students.


The Mathabhanga College Library caters to the need of students and members of the College Staff. After admission, a student has to produce his/her Fee Receipt to the Librarian for collecting the Library Card within the notified period. Student’s Identity Card which is essential for each and every student is also issued from the Library Office.


Academic labs are, in theory, totally autonomous and allowed to study anything piques their curiosity. In practice, many of them are anxious to keep in touch with industry and to focus their research effort on problems with practical applications.

Seminar Room

The College offers access to two seminar room and one conference hall. The seminar and conference hall has been the venue for multitudinous seminars, workshops, councils, guest lectures and other activities in the past years. All the halls are ideal venues for academic, religious, social, and general conversations.

Workshop & Additional Workshop

An Academic Excellence Workshop is a small community of students working collaboratively to master course material with the guidance of a facilitator. The Academic Excellence Workshop is designed to give students the occasion to enhance their learning experience for a particular course.
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