Mathabhanga College

Principal Desk

Principal’s Desk

Dear Students

“Where there is a will there is a way”
Aspire high in life; you will be amongst the best.
Try to shoulder your own responsibilities today……. you will be successful tomorrow. You are entering in the Mathabhanga College, one of the best colleges in the rural part of Cooch Behar; I wish you all the best. I am sure, under the able guidance of smart, active and updated faculty in this institution, you will turn into humble, confident and hard working citizens of the nation. Try to become self reliant. Whatsoever, might the conditions be, always put in your best and strive to achieve only the best. Various activities in the institution will help in developing your multifaceted positive personality to face challenges of life.

Dr. Debasish Dutta

List Of Principals/TIC

SL. No.Name of the Principals/TICsPeriod
1Sri S.K. Dutta01.09.1969 - 31.10.1970
2Sri S.C. Kar01.11.197 - 31.05.1971
3Sri M.L. Kundu01.06.1971 - 31.07.1974
4Sri P.H. Roy01.08.1974 - 31.05.1979
5Sri G. Chakraborty01.06.1979 - 23.09.1981
6Sri H.K. Mandal24.09.1981 - 23.04.1986
7Sri G. Chakraborty24.04.1986 - 10.05.1996
8Dr. M.L. Kundu11.05.1996 - 08.06.1998
9Sr. A. Chowdhury09.06.1998 - 15.09.1998
10Sri S.K. Guha16.09.1998 - 31.03.2003
11Sri P.K. Das01.04.2003 - 02.02.2005
12Dr. S. Das03.02.2005 - 30.11.2013
13Sri R.M. Roy01.12.2013 - 16.12.2018
14Dr. G.C. Das17.12.2018 - 16.06.2019
15Dr. S.K. Jha17.06.2019 - 22.09.2019
16Dr. D. Dutta23.09.2019 - 27.02.2020
17Dr. M. Majumder28.02.2020 - 27.08.2020
18Dr. A. Kundu28.08.2020 - 01.02.2021
19Dr. S. Raut02.02.2021 - 01.07.202
20Dr. (Smt.) S. Dutta02.08.2021 - 31.07.2022
21Dr. Fulchan Barman01.08.2022-07-05-2022
22Dr. Debasish Dutta (Principal)08-05-2022-
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