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Mathabhanga College introduced the Economics subject right from its inception in 1969, and honours course in Economics was subsequently introduced in 2000. Presently, under NEP-2020 the department offers Major course, Minor course and Multidisciplinary course. The department has had distinguished faculty members throughout the years, including Prof. Anjana Basu, Prof. Satybrata Sengupta, Prof. Jugaratan Barman, Prof. Manjari Biswas and Dr Amit Kundu. .The department has faculty strength consisting of two teaching post. Presently the department consists of one Associate professor and one Assistant Professor .All the teachers in the department are very much dedicated to imparting the best of their teaching to their students and put in their relentless effort to bring out the best of their students To this end the department organizes seminar ,special lectures from time to time. The students of the department have a good relationship with the teachers .


The Economics Department College strives to equip students with a deep understanding of economic theory and its practical applications with the goal of producing well-prepared graduates who can succeed in diverse fields and can contribute for sustainable development.


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Economics (Major) - Total: 491

Curriculum Plan

Students are requested to download a comprehensive write-up of the step-by-step teaching methods, the estimated duration of each segment of teaching, and the materials and resources needed for the session by clicking the given links.
5th sem short questionView or Download
Absolute cost advantage theoryView or Download
Cardinal utuliti theoryView or Download
Cardinal utuliti theoryView or Download
Causes for the Increase in Public ExpenditureView or Download
Circular flow of income.View or Download
Classification of govt expenditureView or Download
Classification of TaxesView or Download
Comparision Between Monoply and perfect CompetotionView or Download
Comparison between Fisher.s Quantity theory of Money and Cambridge versionView or Download
Different types of unemploymentView or Download
Elasticity of Demand (1)View or Download
eatures of Monopolistic CompetitionView or Download
Fisher’s Quantity theory of MoneyView or Download
Functions of moneyView or Download
Giffen Goods and Inferior GoodsView or Download
Growth vs DevelopmentView or Download
iindeference curve Economics[1]View or Download
InflationView or Download
Keynes liquidity preference Theory of Interest Rate (1)View or Download
Keynesiam theory of employmentView or Download
Law of diminishing marginal utilityView or Download
Merits and demarits of indirect taxesView or Download
MODULE 2 -1st SEM DSCView or Download
Module -3 short question for 1st semester DSCView or Download
Module -4 Short question for 1st sem DSCView or Download
Module-1 1st sem DSC SHORT QUESTIONView or Download
National Income ;ConceptsView or Download
PCC Demand Curve DerivationView or Download
Price DiscriminationView or Download
Price elasticity of demandView or Download
Recardo’s theory of comparative costView or Download
Short question and answer -Module-1View or Download
SHORT QUESTION FOR 3RD SEM (1)View or Download
short question for 5th semView or Download
Short Question for 5th Semester DSC EconommicsView or Download
short question for module iv – (1View or Download
Short questions module -IIView or Download
UnemploymentView or Download
Unit III Law of variable Proportion (1)View or Download
value added method of measuring national incomeView or Download
অনুন্নত অর্থনীতির বৈশিষ্ট্যView or Download
অসম উন্নয়ন তত্ত্ব(Theory of unbalaced growth)View or Download
আধুনিক খাজনা তত্ত্বView or Download
ঋণযোগ্য তহবিল তত্ত্বView or Download
একচেটিয়া কারবারি র ভারসাম্যView or Download
গড় ব্যয় ও প্রান্তিক ব্যয়ের সম্পর্কView or Download
চাহিদা বৃদ্ধিজনিত মুদ্রাস্ফীতি ও ব্যয় বৃদ্ধি জনিত মুদ্রাস্ফীতির পার্থক্যView or Download
চাহিদা রেখা কেন নিম্নমুখী হয়View or Download
জনসংখ্যা ও অর্থনৈতিক উন্নয়নView or Download
দাম স্বতন্ত্রীকরন বা দাম পৃথকীকরণ বা মূল্য প্রভেদView or Download
দীর্ঘকালীন গড় ব্যয় ( LAC)রেখাView or Download
নিরপেক্ষ রেখা ও বাজেট লাইনের সাহায্যে ক্রেতার ভারসাম্য আলোচনা করোView or Download
পরোক্ষ করের দোষ গুণView or Download
পূর্ণ প্রতিযোগিতামূলক বাজারের বৈশিষ্ট্যView or Download
বিভিন্ন ধরনের বেকারত্ব_View or Download
মজুরির হার নির্ধারণে প্রান্তিক উৎপাদনশীলতা তত্তView or Download
মুনাফার ঝুঁকি ও অনিশ্চয়তা বহন তত্ত্বView or Download
মূলধন গঠন কিভাবে অর্থনৈতিক উন্নয়নে সাহায্য করেView or Download
শ্রম নিবিড় উৎপাদন কৌশল ও মূলধন নিবিড় উৎপাদন কৌশল (1)View or Download
সুষম উন্নয়ন কৌশলView or Download
Title DateView
Test for 2nd Semester2023View or Download
Test for 4th Semester2023View or Download
test question DSE 6th sem2023View or Download
Test 6th sem SEC 4 2023 (1)[1]2023View or Download
Internal assesment -2022 routine2023View or Download
Internal assesment -2022 routine2023View or Download
Internal assesment -2023 3rd SEC2023View or Download
internal assesment major-12023View or Download
Internal assesment test 2023- GE 3rd sem.2023View or Download
Internal assesment test-2023 CC72023View or Download
Internal assesment test-CC62023View or Download
Internal test 2023 5th sem2023View or Download
Internal test 2023 cc5.2023View or Download
internal test MDC2023View or Download
internal test notice 2023 even2023View or Download
Untitled document2023View or Download
Assignment for 4th Semester2023View or Download
DSC 3rd sem2023View or Download
2nd sem DSC2022View or Download
iv sem hons CC82022View or Download
iv sem hons CC102022View or Download
sec hons iv sem2022View or Download
Class test-2022 3rd Sem GE2022View or Download
Copy of IV sem hons CC-92022View or Download
Test 2022 1st sem DSC2022View or Download
test 2022 1st sem H CC-12022View or Download
test 2022 1st sem H C2022View or Download
Test 2022 3rd sem DSC2022View or Download
VI sem DSC2022View or Download
Test 2022 5th sem SEC2022View or Download
Test 2022 5th sem DSE2022View or Download
Test 2022 3rd sem SEC.2022View or Download
Class test 2022 1st yr2022View or Download
Class test 2022 5th sem GE.2022View or Download
Class test IV sem sec prog,SEC2022View or Download
class test sem-3 DSC2021View or Download
class test sem-3 DSC2021View or Download
class test Sem-1 (H)C-12020View or Download
Class test sem-1 DSC2020View or Download
Class test sem-3 DSC2020View or Download
class test 2nd hons cc-42019View or Download
Test 4th sem DSC 2019View or Download
Class test SEM-2 DSC-2019View or Download
Class test sem-2 H cc-3-22019View or Download
Test 3rd year G paper VII2018-19View or Download
Test 3rd Sem GE2018View or Download
Class test sem-1 H c-12018View or Download
DSC Sem-2018View or Download

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