Mathabhanga College

Fees Structure

Admission Fees (for 1st Sem)

Sl. No.SubjectAdmission Fee only for First Sem
2Bengali with Geography2275.00
4English with Geography2275.00
6Economics with Geography2275.00
8History with Geography2275.00
10Philosophy with Geography2275.00
11Political Science2075.00
12Political Science with Geography2275.00
14Sanskrit with Geography2275.00
15B.Com. Accountancy2145.00

Tuition Fees

Sl. No. ParticularsAmount (Rs.)
1.B. A. (Pass)50 p.m
2.B. Com. (Pass)60 p.m.
3.B. Sc. (Pass)85 p.m.
4.B. A. (Honours)75 p.m.
5.B. Com. (Honours)85 p. m.
6.B. Sc. (Honours)110 p. m.

Hostel Fees

Sl. NoParticularsAmount (Rs.)
1Admission Fees50 p. a.
2Seat Rent1200 p. a.
3Caution Deposit50 p. a.
4Utensil Charges20 p. a.
5Establishment Charges15 p. a.
6Electricity Charges360 p. a.
7Games & Sports Charges10 p. a.

Others Fees

Sl. No. ParticularsAmount (Rs.)
1.Transfer FeesThe same as the Tuition Fees
2.Development Fees150 p. a.
3.Casual Fee96
4.Examination Fee (College)25
5.Late Admission Fee (College)50
6.B. Sc./Geography Practical (College)100 p. a.
7.Late Admission Fee (University)100
8.Registration Fee (University)200
9.Library Caution Deposit (Pass)40 once
10.Library Caution Deposit (Honours)60 once
11.Library Maintenance & Dev. Fund10 p. a.
12.Library Fine10
13.Magazine Fee15 p. a.
14.Games & Sports20 p. a.
15.Common Room4 p. a.
16.College Union Fee5 p. a.
17.Cultural Fee20 p. a.
18.Festival Fee30 p. a.
19.Students’ Aid Fund6 p. a.
20.Students’ Health Home10 p. a.
21.Electricity etc. Charges32 p. a.
22.Building Aid Fund20 p. a.
23.Academic Fee120 p. a.
24.Physics Hons. Development Fee (For students of Physics Hons. Only)150 p. m.
25.Fine : (in case of re-issue of Receipt Book)25
27.Diploma (University)30 once
28.Examination Fee (University Exam.)250
29.Mark Sheet Fee50
30.Centre Fee175
31.Incidental Charge5
32.Practical (University)150
33.Late Submission Fee (University)100
34.(a) Material Charges B. Sc. (Geneneral)75
(b) Material Charges B. Sc. (Honours)100
35.Sports Board (Univ.)100
36.Book Bank Fee5 p.a.
37.Identity Card5
38.Duplicate Identity Card10
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