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College Activities

College Activities

Quiz Competition

Mathabhanga College Quiz club organized a quiz completion for the students of the college on 22nd May 2023. The programme was inaugurated by the honorable Principal of Mathabhanga College, Dr. Debasish Dutta. In his welcome lecture he described the importance of the programme with respect to the students’ preparation for the competitive examination. Among the distinguished people in the dias, the Teacher Council Secretary of Mathabhanga College appreciated the convener of the programme to arrange such a programme. A total of 42 participants in 21 groups from the different departments of Mathabhanga College participated in the programme. After the initial screening competition, 5 groups succeeded in contesting in the final round. The final round consisted of a total of 20 questions with 10 marks each. Sourayadipta Singha and Punam Roy were selected as the winners by answering the 9 correct questions. Mridul Alam and Basudeb Saha were declared as first runner-up and Pratul Barman and Jayanta Barman were declared as the second runner-up for the competition. The programme was conducted by Sri Jagadish Ch. Barman, SACT teacher of the Sociology department. The programme ended with the distribution of the winning trophy among the students.

Report on Rabindra Jayanti : 10th May 2022

Rabindra Jyanti is celebrated on 25th day of baisakh month each year in our college on the occasion of Rabindra Nath Tahakur birth anniversary. It is celebrated all round the world to celebrate the great work of Rabindra Nath Tagore in the field of culture, poetry and literature. This year’s programme was organized by Department of Bengali, Mathabhanga College. The programme started by garlanding the portrait of Rabindra Nath Tagore and enlightened the lamp by Dr. Debasish Dutta, Head of the Department, Bengali and Prof. aparna Biswas, IQAC Coordinator. Then the students of Mathabhanga College sang the opening song and the programme started running its own rhythm. Teacher in Charge, Mathabhanga College, Dr. Sulagna Dutta welcome all in her addressed and she recite the poem written by Rabindra Nath Tagore. On this occasion poetry programme, dance performance, dramas, singings of his songs were performed by students. Prof. Sekhar Sarkar recited one of the Tagore poem from Gitanjali. Programme ended with the distribution of sweets among students.

Nabin Baran Utsav: 27th April 2022

On 27th April 2022, Mathbhanga College (programme was organized by student union) conducted the ‘Navin Varan (fresher’s welcoming) ceremony’ for the students newly admitted to various courses this year. The programme started with the arrival of honorable chief guest Sri. Partha Pratim Roy, Transport Minister, Government of West Bengal and Special Guest Dr. Debkumar Mukhopadhaya, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Coochbehar Panchanan Barma University. They enlighten the lamp along with Teacher in Charge Mathabhanga College to initiate the programme. Then the students of Mathabhanga College sang the opening song and the programme started running its own rhythm. Teacher in Charge, Mathabhanga College, Dr. Sulagna Dutta welcome the guests in our college in her addressed and she spoke about the different development programme the college has adopted to increase the educational importance of the college. Chief guest Sri Partha Pratim Roy, Honorable Minister, Government of West Bengal presided over the programme and delivered a brief speech on the necessity of celebrating Nabin Baran Utsav and assured the college regarding necessary help for college infrastructure development. Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Debkumar Mukhopadhay in his short addressed suggests to introduce new courses like Fishery and advised the college authority for more infrastructure development. After the addressed by guest 1st semester students performed wonderful classical dance, patriotic song and dance this was followed by singing and dancing performance by invited singers and dancer from Mumbai and Kolkata. Programme ended with lots of joy and happiness.
Nobin Boron Utsav is a cultural programme organized by Mathabhanga College Student union on 22th November 2022 for the session 2022-23. The programme started with the arrival of honorable chief guest Sri. Partha Pratim Roy, Transport Minister, Government of West Bengal. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Fulchan Barman, Teacher in Charge, Mathabhnaga College. He welcomed all the distinguished people and students for the programme in his address. The teacher in Charge, IQAC convener and Honourable Minister then begin the programme with the lightening of Diya. Students performed Rabindra sangit, dance and patriotic song and dance before the audience. Then the programme jumped to its peak by the performance of singers from Kolkata and Mumbai. The programme ended with joy and happiness among the students.

Basanto Utsav: 17th March 2022

A cultural prograame was organized by Mathabhanga College Students Union to celebrate the festival of color on 17th March 2022. The Programme started with felicitation of Teacher from different department of Mathabhanga College and zonal Student secretary with a flower bouquet and sweets. Teacher in Charge of Mathabhanga College, Dr. Sulagna Dutta in her welcome addressed spoke about the importance of Basanto Utsav and she also appealed to the student to play the color safely. Students of various department performed dances in front of all the audience. Students and teachers greet each other by putting color on their faces and dancing and singing in the Mathabhanga College premises.
Bosnto Utsav, the festival of colour, is celebrated in Mathabhanga College on 6th March 2023 on the college premises. The programme was inaugurated by Teacher in Charge of Mathabhnaga College Dr. Fulchan Barman. In his short lecture he described the festival as the mileage of different relegion and language. The programme started by playing Rabindra Sangeet and a dance performance by students of 1st semester. Students then put the colour on the teacher and each other. The programme ended with the distribution of sweets by students.

Report on International Women Day celebration: 8th March 2022

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. It is also a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equalityreproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. Internal Complaint Cell of Mathabhanga College celebrated women’s day on 8th of March 2022 as they have celebrated over the years. Dr. Sulagna Duuta Teacher in Charge of Mathabhanga College in her welcome addressed spoke about women empowerment. She gave her example how she succeeded in life though she faced lot of obstacle in her life. Prof Aparna Biswas, Associate Professor, Department of Economics focus her lecture on the abuse against women. Prof. Priyanka Chetri, Assistant Professor, Department of political Science told the importance of child sex ratio in India. The programme ended with small felicitation programme to all the women staff, self help group women, and deprived women. All express their happiness to be part of this type of programme.

Birth Anniversary celebration of Manishi Thakur Panchanan Barma: 14th February 2022

Manishi Thakur Panchanan Barma was social reformer from Cooch BeharWest BengalIndia. He dedicated his life for the improvement of backward class people. He established a Kshatriya Sabhā (caste association) to instill Brahminical values and practices in people. He was popularly known as the father of the Rajbanshi society. The 157th birth anniversary Manishi Thakur Panchanan Barma was celebrated at Mathabhanga College on 14th February 2022. The programme started with the arrival of honorable chief guest Sri. Girindra Nath Barman who garland the portrait of Manishi Thakur Panchana Barma. Then the students of Mathabhanga College sang the opening song and the programme started running its own rhythm. Teacher in Charge, Mathabhanga College, Dr. Sulagna Dutta welcome all the guest in our college in her addressed. Our Chief Guest presided over the programme and delivered a brief speech on the necessity of celebrating Thakur Panchanan Barma Birthday. Thereafter our History teachers, Dr. Fulchan Barman delivered a relevant speech on the topic. Dr. Parimal Chandra Barman, Assistant Professor, Indas Mahavidyalay, Bankura conveying the message of gloryof Thakur Panchanan Barma in our society. Programme ended with a valedictory lecture by Prof. Biswajit Barman, Assistant Professor Sanskrit Department, Mathabhanga College.

Report of Swarswati Puja Celebration - Basant panchami (every year)

Saraswati Puja celebrated with great dedication on Basant Panchami with cultural programme every year at Mathabhanga College, Mathabhanga, Cooch Behar. All the teachers and students gathered at the college premises to celebrate the day. On this auspicious day hostel students also celebrated the puja separately on the hostel premises. It was an attempt to preserve the Indian culture, to impart a sense of respect towards long established traditions. The celebration always ended with distribution of ‘Prasada’. Due to corona pandemic we have celebrated the programme for last two years with very small arrangements.
On 26th January 2023 Swarswati Puja was celebrated in our college. Puja started in the morning at 9 a.m. The college was decorated with a pandal full of flowers. Basant Panchmi is a festival; on this festival we do Saraswati puja, to get blessings from the goddess. The programme ended with the distribution of Prasada.

Report on Observation of International Mother Language Day - 21st February (celebrated every Year)

Mathabhanga College observes International Mother Language day on 21st February of every year. To observe the occasion a rally generally flagged off by Teacher in Charge, Mathabhanga College went from our college to college more and return back to the college premises. Teachers, students and non-teaching staff take part at the rally. Teachers, non-teaching employees and students offer their respect in front of the replica of ‘Shaheed Minar’.

Republic Day Celebration: 26th January (every Year)

India won freedom on August 15th, 1947, and became a Republic on the 26th January, 1950. We celebrate Republic Day on January 26th every year as on this day the constitution of India came into effect. The day is celebrated in our college with great joy and enthusiasm. The teacher in Charge Mathabhanga College unfurled the national flag with amidst loud cheers. The NCC cadets saluted the national flag. Some selected boy sang national anthem. Then there were some very inspirational national song sung in chorus. These were followed by stirring speeches by the teachers, students and prominent citizen. In the year 2022 NCC unit of Mathabhanga College arrange Blood donation Camp, cultural activity on the occasion of Republic Day.
In the year 2023 Mathabhanga College celebrated the Republic Day programme by hoisting the National Flag over the Teacher in Charge of Mathabhanga College, Dr. Fulchan Barman followed by playing the national anthem.

Communal Harmony Campaign Week & Flag Day - 19-25th November (Every Year)

The National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH) observes Communal Harmony Campaign and Fund Raising Week every year from 19th to 25th November and the last working day of this week is observed as the Flag Day. The communal harmony campaign week has two main objectives:
1 To raise donations for the physical & psychological support of the orphan or destitute children affected by violence; and
2 To promote fraternity among the people, maintain peace & communal harmony and National integration
We have celebrated the Communal Harmony Campaign Week by arranging rally to collect fund for orphan children.

Teachers Day: 5th September (every year)

In India, Teacher Days is celebrated on September 5 to mark the birthday of former President, scholar, philosopher, and Bharat Ratna recipient, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Across India, students honour and pay tribute to their teachers by sending Teachers Day greetings, quotes, messages, etc. The teacher’s day was observed by the students of Mathabhanga College every year. Due to Corona Pandemic Students have arranged the program online modes. In the year 2021 Department of Sociology and Political Science in collaboration with IQAC Mathabhanga College has arranged an online webinar on the occasion of Teachers day. The topic of the state level webinar was “Thought and ideas of Dr. Radhakrishnan and its relevance in contemporary times.” Dr. Sulagna Dutta welcome all the guest in her addressed. Dr. Dipak Kumar Roy, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Law, Raiganj University delivered a nice lecture on the topic. Prof. Debyendu Bhattacharjee, Head of The Department of Education, Kalyani University followed him with his wonderful lecture on the relevance of Radhakrishnan philosophy on the modern life. The Program ended with valedictory speech by Prof. Aparna Biswas, IQAC coordinator Mathabhanga College.
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Teachers’ day is celebrated in Mathabhanga College by Students Union on 5th September 2022. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Fulchan Barman, Teacher in Charge of Mathabhnaga College by lightening the Pradeep. In his inaugural lecture, he appreciated the students’ union arranging such a programme and he asked the students to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Radharishnan. Dr. Sulagana Dutta and Dr. Debasish Dutta then gave some lectures to students. Students welcomed all the teachers by bouquet of flowers, sweets, pens and diaries. They performed song and dance in front of teachers. The programme ended with a validatory speech by students union leaders.

Independence Day Celebration: 15th August (every year)

Independence Day celebration in a college is a day where students, faculties and staff pay tribute to the Nation and the freedom fighter of India. The day of Indian Independence is a pride, love and respect towards our Nation. India’s independence is celebrated on 15th August every year in our college. It’s a remarkable day where we honour and respect all of our Indian freedom fighters who fought for India’s Freedom. Our Teacher in Charge hoisted our National Flag and delivered the Independence Day Speech. Students, teachers, staff gather together in the morning and participate in the National Flag hoisting ceremony. With due respect towards our Nation, everyone participate for the National Anthem. In the year 2021 NCC cadres of Mathabhanga College arranged small cultural programme on the college premises.
​Independence is celebrated by Mathabhanga college on 15th August 2022 by a National Flag hoisting ceremony, singing the national anthem, pratiotic song, march past NCC, speech on fredom fighter by Teacher in Charge and other faulty members.

International Yoga Day Celebration: 21st June (every year)

Yoga is an ancient art for building up healthy mind. The concept of yoga indicates the connection of human soul to supreme power. The role of yoga in education as per the spiritual aspect helps the students to perform their daily duties in the day to day lives. It enhances the self-realization or self-awareness. It unfolds mental and spiritual attributes. It enhances the will power. Not only the spiritual upliftment is there but a lot of physical benefit a student can get from yoga. Nowadays stress is a great challenge before the students and yoga has a great role to reduce stress. Medical science always says that stress is the fundamental factor behind every disease. Stress plays a negative role in human body. Due to stress students could not perform in better way. So yoga helps in establishing a positive impact on students during education. International Yoga Day celebrated in our college 21st June every year. Student and teachers take parts in the Yoga Practice session early morning on this day. Programme generally ends with small breakfast arrangement from college authority. NSS wings of Mathabhanga College generally teach us how to do Yoga on this day. Due to Corona Pandemic we have arranged online Yoga Day celebration over last two years.
​International Yoga Day is celebrated this  year by Mathabhanga College with few faculty members and students since the college is on summer recess at the time. The programme was celebrated under the leadership of Sri Jagadis Barman and Kamal Barman. Some glimpses of this event are mentioned below:

World Environment Day Celebration: 5th June (Every Year)

World Environment Day is the opportunity for everyone to realize the responsibility to care for the Earth and to become agents of change. World Environment Day is celebrated each year on 5th June. Mathabhanga College Alumni Association every year celebrates World Environment Day with great pomp and fervor in support to the environment with planting of saplings, an initiative taken by the Secretary Sri Niren Barman along with the other members of the Association in the College premises. In lieu of this, students were inspired and motivated to plant more trees in and around their own surroundings contributing to a healthier and cleaner society which in turn will make a greener Earth.

NSS wings of Mathabhanga College also celebrated this day separately. Last two years each volunteer have celebrated the days by planting of samplings in their homes and surroundings.

Mathabhanga College Celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2023 by planting various types of plant saplings. Principal of Mathabhanga College, Dr. Debasish Dutta started the programme by planting tree saplings along with NSS program officer Prof. HN Barman. Faculty members, non-teaching staff and students then all together plant  tree saplings across the campus to make the campus green.

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