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The Department of Political Science was established in 1969 in Mathabhanga College and is amongst one of the oldest departments to have started in the College. The Department offers both Honours and Programme courses to the students. At present, the department has 6 faculty members. The teaching-learning method of the department includes Classroom lectures, seminars with active student participation, movies on the course-related topics, PowerPoint presentations. Occasional internal evaluations like Viva, written class tests, class presentations are held to evaluate students’ performance.

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Extracurricular Activities

Apart from the academic activities the department also organizes various programs and encourages students to participate in many activities like quiz competitions, youth parliament, etc to help build up their morale and boost their confidence. The department faculties also share a very amicable relationship with the students and create a favorable environment so that the students can access and approach the teachers with their problems if any.

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Programs Offered & Intake Capacity

Political Science (Major) - Total: 491

Curriculum Plan

The Department follows the course guidelines and syllabus as given by the Coochbehar Panchanan Barma University. The dept teachers distribute amongst themselves the various topics given in the course syllabus.

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Programme Outcomes

Course Outcomes

Programme Specific Outcomes

Political Sciences as ‘Master Science’ had spawned International Relations, later emerging as an autonomous discipline, Comparative Politics later shifting to Area Studies and Public Administration which again became an autonomous discipline though taking a turn to management and policy studies. This Masters programme provides a broad view of this disciplinary development.

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Seminars & Workshops

A UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Consumer Awareness and Rights in India was jointly organized by the Department of Political Science and Department of Commerce from 15th– 18th March 2019.

A special lecture on Understanding of Article 370 by Dr. Tanvir Arshad from Presidency University was organized by the department on 6th September 2019. The students and the teachers engaged in healthy discussion and gained knowledge about the topic.

A webinar on the Thoughts and Ideas of Dr. Radhakrishnan and its relevance in contemporary times was held on 5th September 2021.

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