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Green Audit Report

Green Audit

The concept of gender equality means “a need-needed relationship between men and women”. This may inciude equal or different treatment, but consider equality of rights, interests, responsibilities and opportunities” (International Labor Office [ILO), 2000). Education has the constitution of the human character. If so, we should focus ourselves on education by focusing on promoting equality between men and women in decision making. We must be committed to bridging the gap between men and women, achieving equality in the educational process, learning outcomes and external outcomes, and equal rights for men and women. Gender equality in education means equal economic, social, cultural and political opportunities for women and men. If gender equality is truly achieved, it will be more beneficial for the future of girls and boys than boys, and girls will benefit as much from society and family life as boys. Mathabhanga College demonstrates gender sensitivity through a variety of initiatives and actions to promote a safe, secure and healthy environment on campus. Keep students informed of special education and events.
The table shows year wise gender classification of male and female strength of students and the total no of admission to the college. It appears that since the years 2018-2023 the percentage of gender classification concerning the male and female students is more or less the same. The bar graph and tabular form vividly give the idea that girl’s students’ strength is increased and not lagging behind when compared to boy students. The Graph show important data of year wise gender classification.
The ratio of male teachers to female teachers at Mathabhanga College has hardly changed over the past five years. The participation of female teachers in each lesson is similar to that of male teachers. Also, female students’ participation in sports, culture, NCC, NSS is almost equal to male students. Research has shown that colleges have many advantages and some disadvantages. These shortcomings can be remedied by subtle changes in the value setting. There is no doubt that enrollment of girls from all walks of life is on the rise and the College has no gender bias to contribute as a gender-sensitive institution.

Specific measures in key areas are as follows

Safety and security

Safety of girls is a top priority at every college campus. Nowadays, safe and supportive campus community is both an obligation and a challenge for college administrators and students. Institute should provide a comprehensive range of security amenities especially for girls within the premises, through a dedicated team of security personnel. It is a common phenomenon that most of the outstation students enrolling for different courses come out of their homes and cities for the first time in their life. It is therefore of utmost importance for institutions to provide them a comfortable and safe ambience of ‘feel at home’ within the campus.

24 hour CCTV surveillance is maintained in the college. It helps to keep a check on antisocial activities. Students and other employees in the college too remain cautious about the surveillance. Discipline is also maintained and it also provides a sense of security to the students and even their guardians. Students wear identity cards at all times to ensure their identity. The institution takes good care of the students in every aspect.

ICC (Internal Complaint Cell) is also active in the college. It organizes various events on awareness issues.

Girl’s Common room and Day Care room is also available in the campus.

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