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STEP into the captivating world of words, where imagination meets intellect and every page unfolds a new adventure. Welcome to the English Department at Mathabhanga College, a haven for those who seek to explore the boundless realms of language, literature, and creativity.

The English department of Mathabhanga College was one of the first to be formed, having been founded in 1969. The honours course was introduced in 1988. Students can choose from Honours and Programme courses offered by the department.

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Our department is not merely a collection of classrooms; it is a vibrant community where the power of words transforms lives. Tucked away in the suburban Mathabhanga, our department is a beacon of academic excellence, fostering an environment that nurtures both literary tradition and innovative thinking.

Our exceptional faculty provide dynamic and thought-provoking instruction across a diverse range of modules, from foundational composition to captivating seminars on literary theory. We bring the humanities to life, challenging students to engage deeply with impactful stories, ideas, and questions that speak to our shared humanity.

The department uses PowerPoint presentations, movies on course-related subjects, seminars with engaged student involvement, and lectures in the classroom as its teaching and learning methods. The performance of the students is periodically assessed internally using tools like MCQs, vivas, written class exams, and class presentations.

Beyond academic pursuits, we actively foster an inclusive, vibrant culture of intellectual discovery. The department hosts a variety of events and invites students to engage in co-curricular activities such as quiz contests and cultural events to enhance their self-esteem and confidence. We are invested in nurturing lifelong learners who will lead lives of meaning.

Despite being a part of a small-town, suburban college, the Department has consistently turned out exceptional students who have excelled academically and established themselves in a variety of fields. Some of these students have gone on to pass the NET or SET, while others are currently pursuing their PhDs or furthering their education at esteemed universities throughout India. It has made it easier to acquire the language proficiency needed for a variety of professional disciplines and given them a solid basis for their further English studies. The department has shaped the intellectual and academic development of innumerable students over the years.

Our Vision

The Department of English at Mathabhanga College aims to cultivate a dynamic intellectual community that enables students to become self-assured communicators, critical thinkers, and involved citizens by igniting a lifetime love of the English language and literature. In order to facilitate meaningful interaction with our local community and the larger world, we are dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusiveness. To this end, we work to develop analytical abilities, creative thinking, and a profound understanding of the transformational power of language.

Our Mission

Building upon the vision of a vibrant intellectual community, the Department of English at Mathabhanga College is dedicated to offering life-changing educational experiences that enable students to become proficient communicators, active thinkers, and socially conscious individuals.
In order to achieve this, we pledge to:
In order to achieve this, we pledge to:

Why should one study the English Language and Literature, especially in today's world?

Here are some key reasons why studying English language and literature holds immense value in today’s world:


Programs Offered & Intake Capacity

English (Major) - Total: 491

Curriculam Plan

The department follows the course guidelines and syllabus given by the CoochbeharPanchananBarma University. The teachers of the department distribute among themselves various topics given in the syllabus of both honours and programme courses.

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Seminars & Workshops

A one-day webinar on “ What is Contemporary? Articulating the historical in 19th century literature” was organized by the Department of English on 5th September, 2020. The program initiated by the introductory speech of Teachr in Charge, Mathabhanga College, Dr. Amit Kundu. He briefly described the importance of arranging a webinar in a pandemic situation and how the students of Mathabhanga college will be benefited from this type of programme. Sri Suvendu Ghatak, PhD Scholar, University of Florida, was the invited speaker of the webinar.

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