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The discipline of Geography is an inter-disciplinary subject. It helps one to make sense of the surrounding of his/her in the best possible way. It will make students understand the world around whether it’s about the physical, social, cultural or economic aspects one is dealing with. It provides students different skill sets like knowledge of basic statistics, computer knowledge, field survey training, mapping techniques to analyse not only geographical but also other day-to-day aspects in a more comprehensive manner. Moreover, in this fast-changing world, geographical knowledge is becoming more important day by day to deal with different regional inequality issues, environmental issues i.e. pollution, global warming etc.; sustainability issues etc. Geographic tools like remote sensing & G.I.S. is now being used everywhere from administration to military. All these skill sets have opened up new job opportunities as well.

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Why Study Geography?

The department of Geography started functioning from the academic year 2008-09. On the onset Programme course was introduced with 25 intake capacity affiliated to The University of North Bengal. Initially the department was functioning under the able hands of Mr. Rajib Barman as guest teacher. Later on, Mr. Ranjan Barman, Mr. Mafizul Haque, and Mr. Tarun Barman joined the department. In the year 2017, the department got its first full-time teacher Smt. Anindita Dey for smooth functioning of the department. Currently the department has Programme course only with 50 seat capacity and a total of four teaching faculties – one fulltime teacher and three SACT teachers.


Curriculum Plan

Students are requested to download a comprehensive write-up of the step-by-step teaching methods, the estimated duration of each segment of teaching, and the materials and resources needed for the session by clicking the lnk attached below.

Study Material

Programme Specific Outcome

Course Outcomes

Programme Outcome

Geography mainly concerns changes in spatial attributes in a temporal perspective. The Programme Course in geography is tailored to meet the students’ specific educational and professional goals in mind. It focuses on spatial studies, qualitative as well as quantitative, and emphasises on human-environment relationship. During the first year of the programme, the students are trained on advanced concepts of physical and human geography. The third year allows them to concentrate on specific areas of the subject, on which they complete their field reports. After completing the course, the students will be amply prepared for professional careers in geography and allied disciplines like GIS and Remote Sensing.

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