Mathabhanga College

Courses Offered

Courses offered

Sl. No.Name of CoursesYear StartedLevel UG PG DiplomaType FT PTNature Regular Self-Fin.Annual Fees [in Rs.]Selection Past merit National Test State Test
University Test College Test
1B. A. (Honours)(Tuition fees)
a) Bengali1983UGFTRegular1635 = 00Past Merit
b) English1988UGFTRegular1635 = 00Past Merit
c) Sanskrit2003UGFTRegular1635 = 00Past Merit
d) History2002UGFTRegular1635 = 00Past Merit
e) Political Science1991UGFTRegular1635 = 00Past Merit
f) Philosophy2002UGFTRegular1635 = 00Past Merit
g) Economics2000UGFTRegular1635 = 00Past Merit
2B. A. (General)1969UGFTRegular1440 = 00Past Merit
B. A. (General) (Geo)2016UGFTRegular1540=00Past Merit
3B. Sc. (Honours)
a) Physics2003UGFTRegular2640 = 00Past Merit
b) Mathematics2007UGFTRegular1,980 = 00Past Merit
c) Chemistry2016UGFTRegular2640=00Past Merit
4B. Sc. (General)1994UGFTRegular1,785 = 00Past Merit
5B. Com. (Honours)
a) Accounting2000UGFTRegular1,705 = 00Past Merit
6B. Com. (General)1983UGFTRegular1510 = 00Past Merit

BA/BSc/B.Com General Course

MIL: Marks=50EVS: Marks=50
Elective Subjects*Two Elective Subjects (DSC 1 and DSC 2) and LCC1Two Elective Subjects (DSC 3 and DSC 4) and LCCThree Elective Subjects (DSC 5, DSC 6 and SEC 1) and LCC3Three Elective Subjects (DSC 7, DSC 8 and SEC 2) and LCC4Three Elective Subjects (DSE 1, DSE 2 and SEC 3) and GE1Three Elective Subjects (DSE 3, DSE 4 and SEC 4) and GE2
Marks: 50x3=150Marks: 50x3=150Marks: 50x4=200Marks: 50x4=200Marks: 50x4=200Marks: 50x4=200
Total Marks200200200200200200

BA/BSc/B.Com Honours Course

EVS: Marks=50MIL: Marks=50
Honours SubjectTwo Honours Paper (CC1, CC2) Marks 50x2 = 100Two Honours Paper (CC3, CC4) Marks 50x2 = 100Four Honours Paper (CC5, CC6, C7, SEC-1) Marks 50x4 = 200Four Honours Paper (CC8, CC9, C10, SEC-2) Marks 50x4 = 200Four Honours Paper (CC11, CC12, DSE-1, DSE-2) Marks 50x4 = 200Four Honours Paper (CC11, CC12, DSE-1, DSE-2) Marks 50x4 = 200
Elective SubjectsOne Elective Subject (GE 1) Marks = 50One Elective Subject (GE 2) Marks = 50One Elective Subject (GE 3) Marks = 50One Elective Subject (GE 4) Marks = 50
Total Marks:200200250250200200
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