Mathabhanga College

Mission, Vision & Goal


The mission is to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and values for the education of attitudes and competences among graduates. It also leads students to “create and ‘raise’ students to be intellectually and spiritually competent, socially engaged, social and responsible citizens who are able to impart knowledge, love, unity and inculcate ‘national integration’ in the minds of all and make higher education a part of the social environment through community participation and sustainable development”

Mathabhanga college has the following Missions to impart its vision


“VIDHWAN SARVATRA PUJYATE” A Sanskrit Sloke meaning “the learned are worshiped everywhere”, has inspired Mathabhanga College since its inception. Located in a rural part of Coochbehar district, the majorities of the students are first-learners and belong to either backward classes or minority communities with socioeconomic challenges. The vision of the college is to provide students with sufficient educational facilities at a minimum cost to make them empowered with education in a way that the younger section of society not only brings light of knowledge to their own lives or community but to the entire nation and humanity.
Since the first evaluation cycle, the college has been sincerely engaged in the work of improving its quality status in terms of educational value. The college has achieved sustainable improvement in vital parameters such as the expansion of the infrastructural base, increased access to teaching and learning resources, the development of the quality of teaching staff and, above all, the research and extension activities of the faculties. Library facility, overall increase in student-computer ratio and free WIFI throughout the campus is also introduced during last few years or so. After improving the parameters, we are going for our second cycle of NAAC accreditation.
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