Mathabhanga College

National Webinar on Basic Understanding of Science

The national webinar was arranged in three session’s inaugural session, technical session and concluding session. The webinar was started at 3 pm on 12th January 2022 with the welcome address given by Dr. Gurucharan Das, Associate Professor, Department of Sanskrit, Mathabhanga College. He addressed in his lecture the importance of chosen the particular dates for the national webinar to motivate the young students in the path of Swami Vivekananda. Dr. Sulagna Dutta, Teacher in charge of Mathabhanga College in her welcome address briefly thanks al the invited speakers for their gracious presence in the national webinar organized jointly by Department of Physics and Chemistry in collaboration with IQAC The inaugural address was ended with the lecture by Teacher Council Secretary of Mathabhanga College Prof. Biswajit Barman.

The technical session began with the invited lecture given by Dr. Amarta Kumar Paul, Department of Chemistry, North eastern Hill University, Sillong on the topic “Application of Nanoparticles in Heterocycles Synthesis.” In his lecture he gives details synthetic techniques of various heterocycles using nanoparticles and its application in modern field of research.

Dr. Goutam Biswas, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Cochbehar Panchanan Barma University delivered his lecture in most important topics of recent pandemic situation “Hand washing vs Hand Sanitizer: What’s more effective against Coronavirus?”. His lectures provide valuable information how to protect against coronavirus.

Dr. Debasish Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of material Science, CNMS, Jain University depicted briefly on “Fundamental of Electrochemical energy Storage”. He mainly describes the work from his recent publication in international Journals where he used grapheme as electrode in super capacitors.

Dr. Sulagna, Dutta, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Mathabhanga College attracts attention of the audience by her wonderful lecture on the topic “Mystery of Muon Decay and Relativity”. In her lecture she explained how a periodic process can b consider a clock and moving muon must possess a longer lifetime than resting ones.

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