Mathabhanga College

Sri Sinjan Goswami

Name : Sinjan Goswami
Department of English
Designation : Assistant professor
Mobile : 9083054082

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 24/02/1989
Sex: Male
Nationality: Indian
Marital status: Single
Category: General
Address: 70 Nainapara Lane, Shiva Twin Apartment, Block A, Flat 2A, Baranagar, Kol- 700036.

Academic Qualification

UGC NET+JRFMarch 2013
M.Phil (1st Division)Department of English, University of DelhiAug. 2012-14
Master’s Degree ,1st Division with Distinction. CGPA 8.37 (approx 80%)Department of English,University of Hyderabad.2012
Bachelor’s Degree (2nd Division. 56.3%)Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission, Residential College.University of Calcutta.2010

Academic and Other Achievements:

  • Have presented papers in National Seminars in national and international conferences. A paper on Mahasweta Devi’s Urvashy and Johnny was presented in the first of these, a seminar on “Performance, Text, Event” organized by the Department of English, Jadavpur University on 16th -17th March, 2010. Cultural stereotypes in the Asterix Comics was the focus of the second paper, presented in the seminar on “Children’s Literature and Comics” organized by the Department of English, University of yderabad in 2011. Presented a paper in an international webinare organized by Rishi Bankim Chandra College on 22 august 2020, titled “Rupture, of Kind: Constituting the Historical in J.M.Coetzee’s ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’. Presented an international paper in the Polish ‘Trauma and Nightmare’ conference held online on 18-19 March 2021, titled ‘Speaking Past Apartheid: J.M.Coetzee and the (Im)Possibility of Postcolonial Testimony’.
  • Have published a number of Bengali poems in various little magazines of West Bengal like Anweshan and Cha Pata. Have also participated in a 2-day poetry workshop, headed by the eminent Bengali poet Joy Goswami and organized by the magazine Pratibhas. The poem written for and recited in that particular workshop was subsequently published in Kabita Pratimase, the organ of Pratibhas that exclusively publishes poems and prose relating to poetry.

Research Interest(s)and Teaching Area(s):

Drawing upon the work of Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida and Emmanuel Levinas, my M.phil dissertation and ISE (individually supervised essay) have tried to identify in J.M. Coetzee’s fiction ‘untimeliness’ as the form of a postcolonial authorship that claims its contemporaneity by betraying in its very process of realization the ethical (im) possibility of speaking for/as the other. While my principal research areas include trauma-theory, postcolonial studies and contemporary fiction, I continue to have an abiding interest in various forms of early 20th. C. modernism(s) I see myself being comfortable teaching papers on European/Anglo-American modernism, Literary theory and Postcolonial Studies.


  • Published a paper entitled ‘On Such do England Rely’: Imperial Masculinities and the Economy of Desire in two Novels by E.M.Forster . in Gender: Constructions, Connotations and Representations Ed. Sudeshna Chakravorty. ISSN: 978-93-88208- 16-4.
  • Published a paper entitled ‘“Servant to Hunger: A Panpsychist Reading of J.M.Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K” in Dibrugarh University Journal of English Studies (DUJES) vol.28, 2020.

Teaching Experience:

  1. Guest Teacher, Presidency University, Kolkata (July-December 2016)
  2. Full Time Contractual Teacher, Bhairav Ganguly College, Kolkata (August 2016- April 2017)
  3. Assistant Professor, English, Mathabhanga College (April 2017-Present)

Invited Talks:

Delivered a seminar lecture entitled Kubla Khan: Enters Plato at Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous) on June 7th, 2022 in the Shakespeare Gallery.

The details provided above are true and to the best of my knowledge.

Sinjan Goswami

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