Mathabhanga College

Sri Ashis Biswas

Name: Ashis Biswas
Department of mathematics
Designation : Assistant Professor

Education Qualification

Degree Year Institution
BSc 2006 NBU
MSc 2008 JU
PhD Pursuing RU

Published Paper:

  1. On Sasakian manifolds satisfying curvature restrictions with respect to a quarter symmetric metric connection, ScientiÖc Studies and Research Series
    Mathematics andInformatics, 28(1)(2018).
  2. Study on generalized pseudo (Ricci) symmetric Sasakian manifolds ad- mitting general connection, Bulletin of the TransilvaniaUniversity of Brasov, 12(2) (2019).
  3. A general connection on a Sasakian manifolds and the case of almost pseudo symmetry Sasakian manifolds. ScientiÖc Studies andResearch Series Mathematics and Informatics, 29 (1) (2019).
  4. On generalized weakly (Ricci) ‘-symmetric Lorentzian Para Sasakian manifold, Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics, 2020.
  5. -Ricci solitons on Kenmotsu manifolds admitting general connection, The Korean Journal of Mathematics, 28(4)(2021).
  6. !-semi-symmetric Sasakian manifold admitting general connection, Sci- entiÖc Studies and Research Series Mathematics and Informatics, 30(2)(2022).
  7. Riemann Solitons (LCS)n manifolds admitting di§erent semi-symmetric structures, Cankaya University Journals of Science and Engineering, 18(2)(2021).
  8. -Ricci soliton on -Einstein-like LP-Sasakian manifolds, Annals of West University of Timisoara – Mathematics and Computer Science, 58(1)(2021).
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